Here are just a few examples of what Blue Sky Thunder can do for you:

Setup Online Booking – Imagine the potential of reservations that could be made even when you are away from the office?  With the ability to make online reservations, customers can easily make plans that accommodate your schedule.   Watch your calendar fill up as you are busy doing something else.

Expand Your Advertising – Word of mouth is great but if you don’t have a modern, active website, you are being left in the dark.  YellowPages were known to let your fingers do the walking but most telephone books are now automatically thrown away or used as a door stop.  Dropping them saves a business up to $2000 a month in advertising.  ONLINE is where the majority of people do their browsing, research and shopping.  If you don’t have a strong internet presence – you are being replaced by others who are easily accessible for information and purchases online.  When was the last time YOU opened up a phone book?  How much time do you spend daily selling yourself?  Imagine a website where all the information is there so you aren’t glued to your phone repeatedly answering the same questions.  Also, you can go online and enter new promos that will make people want to check back in often so they don’t miss a deal!

Sell Online Using A Checkout System – It’s now easy to incorporate a Paypal and CreditCard checkout system on your site which reduces the loss of sales.  From the time it takes for someone to look at something, click and buy while the impulse is there to walking away and thinking about it is a strong chance of losing a customer.  This allows a customer to shop while you are getting a good night’s sleep.  Plus, the ability to use a credit card or Paypal adds convenience for the customer.

Turn Your Hobby Into Revenue – Have a hobby that you would like to market?  From quilts to knitted sweaters, stamp collecting to Lionel Trains, building bird houses to tiny homes – without marketing yourself, you never know your potential.  An appealing website, key words in the Google Search engine and you could start turning your hobby into cash!

Make Your Voice Count –  Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and opinions with the world or a specific audience.  Blogging is a fun and creative way to share your views.  Once a blogging site has enough followers, often companies will be thrilled to have you advertise on your site where you can be paid each time a customer clicks on a link that opens up to their site and purchases something.  The larger the audience, the greater chance of making money.

Announce Your Engagement or Send Out Invitations – Reducing the amount of phone calls and licking stamps, digital announcements and invitations can cut time and help organize your affairs.  What a great way to send out formal announcements and invitations to friends, families and colleagues allowing a quicker RSVP and affordability.

Digital Photo Album – Today, most people’s pictures are in digital format to be saved for a lifetime.  An album is a great way to keep track of your photos and share them with others.  Imagine an album from the time your child is born, cutting his/her first tooth, first grade to graduating from college – what a beautiful way to keep track of all the beautiful memories through the years and to be able to share them easily with family and friends.  It’s also a great way to memorialize a relationship, a vacation, or even a moment in time.

Mother’s Cookbook Made Easier – Instead of always hunting around for that secret family recipe or trying to remember how to make that dish everyone always raves about – the convenience of an online cookbook makes an easy way to immediately access the recipe from your computer or phone anytime you want with colorful menus of each dish.

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